This simple technique will help you identify what you want in your life!

Identifying your “don’t wants” to help see your “wants”. When we take a moment to identify the “don’t wants” that we say and think habitually, we gain true insight into our heart desire and are so much closer to achieving the life we want. Here is a good exercise for you to try is to


How writing your own eulogy will change your life!

The most powerful story you can write and rewrite is your own eulogy. Think about how long you would like to live, and then if you can imagine yourself as old and that you died. Imagine that your grandchild or closest friend decides to take the podium to say a few words about you and

The power of CHOICE !

You can either be in a space of complete trust OR in a space of doubt. When there is an iota or doubt, there is NO TRUST. When you believe 100 percent, there can be magic; put a drop of doubt and all is gone! Either you do something or you don’t, there is NO

TIME; if not now. When?

There is this precious thing that we want the most …..but use the worst; TIME. A wise man once said “Time is a coin that you spend only once, use it, invest it, make it count.”  And this quotation is very true. Do not waste your time on useless things and people, who don’t prove

The Noise

We are surrounded by the noise of people telling you who you should be. The noise of burden which our own society,friends,relatives and even our parents put on us. The noise of failure projected onto us, by the people who themselves were not able to do things, make you believe that you too cannot do

Excuse- Excuse it please!

I’ve seen this. This pretty excuse of “I don’t care”. Of course, it is good to not waste your precious time on useless things. But so many people are misusing this tag. People go around with these three words filled in their mouth like it’s an excuse. A terrible, disgusting excuse to the beautiful things.