13 year old ME wrote a letter to 21 year old ME!

So thisĀ  13 years old cute teenager, Mehak Kaur wrote a letter to this 21 years old Mehak Kaur, which goes like:- How did you end up being here? You are not the one I wished for! Though you have The Silver Lining, but you do not have the madness I asked for. You are


The Noise

We are surrounded by the noise of people telling you who you should be. The noise of burden which our own society,friends,relatives and even our parents put on us. The noise of failure projected onto us, by the people who themselves were not able to do things, make you believe that you too cannot do

Radiate Positivity

Radiate positivity. Make a difference in the life of someone you care about. You never know how much they have been through.Give them the love they were seeking in their cruel world. Provide them the care they deserve. Give them their piece of happiness by your mere acts of kindness. Make them feel the beauty