What a little praise can do!

Everybody enjoys a little praise. And those who give it are to be commended. Have you ever seen a memorial built to a cynic or a skeptic? I doubt you can find one. But there are statues everywhere honoring men and women who were distinguished as leaders.
If you’ll take a close look at achievers from Abe Lincoln to Mother Teresa, you’ll discover they not only received praise, they gave it!
In the life of every person you meet, there is some quality worth your acknowledgement.
Here’s what happened to a newspaper cartoonist who sent an email to twenty of his acquaintances. Each message was the same and it contained only one word,”Congratulation!”
As far as he knew, not one of them had accomplished anything in particular worth congratulating.
Within two weeks he had a reply or a phone call from almost everyone on the list. Each individual mentioned something they had done that seemed deserving of praise.
Most of them added.”I was really surprised you found out,.”

We all have times when we are inspired by an idea. Or we have a plan that we just know will take the world by storm. What happens when you share that dream? What is the reaction when you tell someone about your vision? Be prepared to hear

  • “There’s no way that will be successful”
  • “I know a guy who tried that and lost his shirt”
  • “That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of”

Why do they say such things? Why so most people try to stick a pin in your balloon?
When others say,”Don’t try it,”they are just preparing for the day when they can remind you,”I told you so,” or “You should’ve listened to me.”
Evidently, this what makes some people happy. If you really want to feel great, try dishing out encouragement. When they share a new idea, reply enthusiastically, “I’m behind you all the way,” or “I know you can do it.”
I need encouragement and you do, too.
Widen your circle and embrace someone whose life will be changed because you care. Remember :

  • We are one. Start practicing it .
  • Put people ahead of products.
  • Ask “How can I help you”
  • There’s something in everyone worth praising.
  • Value every person you meet.
  • When you join forces, the results multiple.

You’ll be surprised at what a little praise can accomplish. As it had been said,”Encouragement is the oxygen of the soul.”


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