How important it is to feel better

Remember: The worse we feel, the worse things get; the better we feel,the better everything gets.


Think of something nice, think so a dream you have coming true, think of sex, kisses,money,dancing, holidays, beaches, wind in your hair. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT AND YOU WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL-even if it only lasts for a few minutes; use those few minutes to FLOW those positive, happy, joyful feelings like energy out of you are “Sending” it to something. Imagine it to be like a laser pointer while you are beaming this positive vibration outwards. How we feel is how we vibrate, and how we vibrate equals to how we manifest.

Learn to honor your emotions always by being willing to feel them. Of course, you may need to exercise some judgement over how and when you express them. When you start thinking and feeling happy, you will find that you can imagine and think of more and more happy and fun thoughts, fantasies for the future or memories from the past, hopes and desires. Once you fill your head with positive and pleasant thoughts, there will be less and less “space” for anything negative.

You can’t think about something you don’t want and expect to get what you want. This is absurd.


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