This is why you should spend extra time in the shower!

Change your relationship with shower. If you are like me, then I am always rushing to get there on time even when I have nowhere to get to. It is an old habit I developed- as a child who had to be in school at seven in the morning and always wanting to snooze a few extra minutes. It is only recently I found that I learnt to take time in the shower. One of the biggest treats you can give your body,mind and self is to take an extra five minutes in the bathroom, have a long shower, enjoy the smells and the aromas, texture, pressure and temperature in the shower, followed by taking a few minutes to truly relish that luxurious cream on your skin. Why are you rushing? If you are always late, then allow extra time, again, you cannot be feeling your own body, aware of your pulse, breathe and the texture of your skin and not be Plugged In.

Have you ever booked yourself in for a haircut, then sitting there you get impatient and cannot wait for it to be over? Stop and breathe and enjoy having your hair cut. People go to the gym for a workout or for Yoga, and they keep looking at the time, anxious for it to get over. Relish, enjoy and love your experiences, allow them to nurture and love you back.

We do not require constant social interaction. We do mot always need to be with people. Have you ever enjoyed your own company? Have you ever tried to ask yourself for answers or do you always speed dial your closest friend, your partner, your mother or father or even whether you are faced with a choice or option. While all you have to do is give it a break and be at source. By this way, you get to answer yourself through your conscience and explore yourself more.


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