The most successful people have this habit worth copying !


There is something you can do to get a positive response from those you deal with.

Many of the world’s most successful people have a habit worth copying. They call people by their first name.

Of all the words in the world,there is one that has almost magical power. It can arrest your attention. It can break your most stubborn defences. It is a special sound you never tire of. What is that word? YOUR NAME! 

In a recent study, people were handed a new pen to try. Ninety-seven out of a hundred wrote their own name! 

We store things in our memory by design. And we forget almost everything else.

Today,learn a name. Use it. Remember it. Call someone by their name. It works wonders.

While we aren’t on the topic,what about your name ? It’s yours. So go ahead and use it.

At a seminar sponsored by AT&T, the speaker made a statement that stuck with me. “Successful people,” he said ,”answer the phone by giving their own names.”

Since that time, I have almost always answered my calls with , “ Hello. This is Mehak Kaur.”

Your words are your calling card. They reflect your personality and are sounds by which you are judged.

Make your words count. Make them solid. Make them firm. Let people know exactly where you stand.

Go ahead! Tell it like it is! 


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