The power of CHOICE !


You can either be in a space of complete trust OR in a space of doubt. When there is an iota or doubt, there is NO TRUST. When you believe 100 percent, there can be magic; put a drop of doubt and all is gone!

Either you do something or you don’t, there is NO TRY. Let’s TRY this:

Try putting your device off; right now, as you read this line, try to turn it off . So are you still reading it or did you turn  it off? See, there is No try, either you did it or you didn’t.  No “TRY” only “DO”.

You either respect someone or you totally invalidate them, there is No halfway again. You can be telling the truth, or you are lying, again there is no halfway.

You can take things lightly or heavily- as if nothing matters or everything matter. You can complain or you can be grateful. A situation, you can look at it as a problem or an opportunity to create more changes. It is up to YOU! You decide ! YOU CHOOSE. Get off of the fence , chose one way or another.

What about when you feel you have no choice and you think you just have  to do something ? I believe there is always a choice , it is just that sometimes the price is too high to even consider the other option so we choose one.

So try to change your language. Catch yourself each time you say “I have to…,’ ‘I have to go to the gym’, ‘I have to cook’, ‘ I have to go to work’ and notice they are all choices. Replace ‘have to’ with ‘want to’ or ‘choose to’, if want to doesn’t feel right.

‘ I want to go to work’, ‘ I choose to go to the gym’, ‘ I want to finish this assignment’. And see how things roll ! It’s show time!


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  1. You are right, in life we wont be satisfied with the things that we are doing if we consider that we have to do those things as a regular routine or coz thats what r society say us to do,rather we shuld say I choose to do it or I want to do it, then only we can feel the difference nd we will be more happy with our life.

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