The Noise


We are surrounded by the noise of people telling you who you should be. The noise of burden which our own society,friends,relatives and even
our parents put on us. The noise of failure projected onto us, by the people who themselves were not able to do things, make you believe that you too cannot do it
as well. They try to bring you down to their level.
Ditch them.
It does not matter who they are, their failure, their mistakes, their experience was the outcome their actions or inactions, not yours.
Believe in yourself. Shut that noise down and listen to your inner self. Get the right guidance and set the right path.
Do you know WHO knows how it feels like following your own path?
Only you know it. Not those who are dragging you down.


3 Replies to “The Noise”

  1. Yes i totally agree with your views n wonderful line which depicts the how selfish denizens are .
    They are used to seem only we people not by themselves that what they actually are .

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