TIME; if not now. When?

There is this precious thing that we want the most …..but use the worst; TIME. A wise man once said “Time is a coin that you spend only once, use it, invest it, make it count.” ¬†And this quotation is very true. Do not waste your time on useless things and people, who don’t prove


The Noise

We are surrounded by the noise of people telling you who you should be. The noise of burden which our own society,friends,relatives and even our parents put on us. The noise of failure projected onto us, by the people who themselves were not able to do things, make you believe that you too cannot do

Excuse- Excuse it please!

I’ve seen this. This pretty excuse of “I don’t care”. Of course, it is good to not waste your precious time on useless things. But so many people are misusing this tag. People go around with these three words filled in their mouth like it’s an excuse. A terrible, disgusting excuse to the beautiful things.

Radiate Positivity

Radiate positivity. Make a difference in the life of someone you care about. You never know how much they have been through.Give them the love they were seeking in their cruel world. Provide them the care they deserve. Give them their piece of happiness by your mere acts of kindness. Make them feel the beauty

How the silence was born

I was with a bunch of people sitting under the night sky, talking about anything they wanted to. I too had so much to talk about. Talk about those nightmares, those insecurities, those scars carved on my soul. All these words failed to come out of my mouth, for they could not explain how I