What a little praise can do!

Everybody enjoys a little praise. And those who give it are to be commended. Have you ever seen a memorial built to a cynic or a skeptic? I doubt you can find one. But there are statues everywhere honoring men and women who were distinguished as leaders. If you’ll take a close look at achievers


How important it is to feel better

Remember: The worse we feel, the worse things get; the better we feel,the better everything gets. HOW? Think of something nice, think so a dream you have coming true, think of sex, kisses,money,dancing, holidays, beaches, wind in your hair. CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT AND YOU WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL-even if it only lasts for

The effective way to meditate through silence

  Sit on a chair with your feet planted on the ground and both hands on their relative laps, relax your shoulders and close your eyes. Make sure that you are in an “open-body” position. Your legs,feet and arms do not cross and your chest is open to receive. Feel the weight of your feet